Stomach Surgery Clinics

Stomach Surgery Clinics

Stomach surgery is now being favoured for cosmetic purposes as well for the treatment of numerous medical conditions. One common need for cosmetic stomach surgery is to help treat obesity.

Being overweight can cause physiological and social problems as well as the numerous health issues. Some people are able to lose weight through natural methods such as dieting and exercising, others may find losing weight impossible and surgery may be the only option. There are two ways to find surgery in the UK - on the NHS or through private stomach surgery clinics.

NHS surgery or private clinics

When comparing surgery on the NHS with that of private stomach surgery clinics, there is likely to be no difference in the levels of care received; medical professionals in both sectors are required to go through the same training and will be qualified to the same standards. The big difference comes down to cost - treatment on the NHS is done free of charge whereas private stomach surgery clinics will charge a fee.

To be eligible for any type of stomach surgery related to weight loss in the UK, it is required that the patient has a body mass index of 40 or more (people with a BMI over 35 with a related illness will also be eligible). A GP or surgeon will be able to determine if surgery is available to you and what kind of procedure is best suited.

Although surgery on the NHS is done free of charge it is generally subject to long waiting lists, once placed on a waiting list a patient can often wait months for surgery; this makes private surgery all the more appealing.

Most private stomach surgery clinics will have no waiting lists and will be able to give a date for surgery after only a few days. Having surgery done privately is also beneficial in building up a bond and a trust with the surgeon performing the operation; on the NHS, surgery is generally carried out by a team of professionals, this means that sometimes the doctor carrying out the consultancy may not necessarily be the one that carries out the operation.

Stomach surgery clinics abroad

The third option of stomach surgery is to have it done privately, overseas. Stomach surgery abroad is becoming popular with UK residents; this is because the price of surgery in Europe and the Far East can be as much as 50% cheaper than in the UK. Surgery abroad is also favoured by many as it does not have the restrictions that are in place in the UK, this means that people classed as obese but not morbidly obese can still have surgery. Some European clinics are also able to provide consultancies and aftercare appointments in the UK.

Finding stomach surgery clinics

The best way to find private clinics offering stomach surgery is to use the internet, clinics both home and abroad can be found using a search engine. There are also various comparison sites that are able to compare clinics related to your preferences and find the best ones suited.